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BI & Analytics, owned by Etomate Technology LLP, is a provider of external business intelligence and analytics to businesses of all sizes in any industry.

You don't anymore need expensive software, complicated hardware or button-down consultants to get to what any effective business leader needs- precise insight into external business environment.

Delivered from cloud, our analytics and business intelligence products and services have only one prerequisite- an internet connection. And of course, a desire to know the business milieu you're in.

Our Macro datasets cover important time-series data (e.g.Population, GDP, Current Account, Education, name it) of all countries.

Our Micro datasets have financial information, ratios and analysis gleaned from consolidated financial statements (both Interim and Annual)- Balance Sheet and Income Statement or Profit & Loss Account- of more than 36,000 companies listed across more than 80 countries.

Apart from the above, we have industry-specific (e.g. automobile sales) and country-specific (e.g. demography) datasets.

And then, there are whole host of special datasets from a myriad of sources- like Ecommerce sites, industry bodies, employment portals, social media- we tap into to give you 360-degree view of your business, all neatly packaged in a dashboard so you get unified view of such diverse aspects as annual/ quarterly performance of your peers and customers, pricing trends of your inputs and outputs, broader macro-economic trends of the geographies you operate in, data-points contained in breaking news and views, social media performance, talent trend etc

All our dashboards, reports and visualizations are very carefully crafted keeping both simplicity and interactivity in mind. You can view the charts at the aggregation-level (e.g. global, country, sector, industry) suitable to your need and drill down if required upto individual company-level.