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Food, Beverages and Tobacco Industry

Among the largest of industries, "Food, Beverages & Tobacco" industry category houses some of the most prominent consumer food product giants.  

Below dashboard encapsulates some of the most common financial ratios and analyses drawn from more than 1,500 companies across the world in this space. 

You can see profitability ratios, annual and quarterly growth trend of income statement components (e.g. Total Income, Gross Income, Operating Income, Pre-tax Income, Net Income), funding structure or composition of Liabilities & Shareholders' Equity, composition of current assets in sales-days (e.g. inventory, debtors, cash and others), turnover ratios, Return on Equity (RoE) is derived from Return on Assets and Assets Turnover, Total Debt- EBITDA ratio and liquidity ratios.

Some features in this dashboard have been disabled in order to optimize the viewing experience without log-in.

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