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We provide condensed, pre-digested and insightful business intelligence capturing all aspects of your external business environment.

We package them all in a nifty dashboard. In a way, we have made Big Data small.

Have you relegated your external business intelligence needs to some special occasion.

What we do-

  • provide custom business dashboard perfectly tailored to your business intelligence needs

You strive hard to achieve one version of truth for your internal business intelligence. What about your external intelligence needs?
We help you answer questions like:
How your industry is doing in generalWhat your competion is upto
By use case/ user group:
  • Businesses
  • Consultants
  • Banks
  • Credit Rating Agencies
  • Brokerages/ Research houses
  • Outsourced FPA service providers

We provide cloud-based data analytics and fully-customisable dashboards that will meet most of your external business intelligence needs. Our services are backed by powerful database covering an entire gamut of relevant data points ranging from very broad-spectrum measures like GDP and Demography to industry-specific measures (e.g.automobile sales) to individual company-level financial information to special measures like social media analytics. However, you're spared all the complexity of managing databases. Neither do you have to install any software. Nor do you have to write any code. We give you well-researched, curated and efficiently-organized data-sets with easy-to-use visualization tools which you can use to derive the business intelligence you deserve and your business needs. 

so you don't get swamped by the deluge but always have the business intelligence, both external and internal, to drive your business with aplomb, not to mention impress people who matter with intelligent conversations backed by pertinent and industry-specific data., owned by Etomate Technology LLP, is one-of-a-kind site that let's you see both macro and micro economic and financial data in one place. So no more hopping from one site to another.

Our Macro dataset currently covers the most basic and important time-series data pertaining to Population, GDP and Current Account of almost all countries.

Our Micro dataset has financial information, ratios and analysis gleaned from consolidated financial statements (both Interim and Annual)- Balance Sheet and Income Statement or Profit & Loss Account- of more than 36,000 companies listed across more than 80 countries.

All our visualizations are very carefully crafted keeping simplicity and interactivity in mind. They're also all highly insightful and original. You can view the charts at the aggregation-level (e.g. global, country, sector, industry) suitable to your need and drill down if required.