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Etomate Technology LLP, provides services in Business Intelligence, Data Science, Accounting, Finance & Taxation, Training and Skill Development.

Our service offerings straddle the entire value chain in the above areas, from GST to Income Tax services, contract staffing to outsourcing, training & skill development to placement and recruitment.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics services

We provide external business intelligence and analytics to businesses of all sizes in any industry.

We're obsessed with giving you all the intelligence and analytics pertaining to your business in one single dashboard, comprising of peer-group comparison, competition analysis, industry-specific barometers , macro economic indicators, social analytics and much more. All this fully customised to suit your requirements.

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Training and Skill Development

Skill Gap, Reskilling, Right-skilling and Upskilling are no more mere buzzwords doing rounds of HR cocktail parties but represent reality every business and business manager worth their salt have to come to terms with.

Owing to a mix of factors, from outdated education system to rapid technological shifts, every country is witnessing the need to reskill large swathes of population.

There is unprecedented irony in job market. Ask the job seekers and they would say there are not enough job opportunities going around. So you may think it's a buyers' market out there and be tempted to envy the recruiters position. But ask the recruiters and employers and you realise they are no better off. In fact, they're equally, if not more, woeful due to lack of qualified candidates for most open positions and acute scarcity for many.

No country is immune from this phenomena. The dichotomy is being witnessed across the globe, albeit at varied degrees.

While the challenge looks as big as or even bigger than that seen during previous industrial revolutions, solution lies in the very same technology that has caused the problem in the first place by moving tangentially to conventional pedagogy.

Using technology, millions can be trained in a way not imaginable previously.