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At Etomate Technology LLP, parent entity of this website, we have just one objective.


3600 external business intelligence at compelling price.

Founded by Rakesh Agrawal, this enterprise draws upon twenty years of his professional experience in various Finance & Accounting roles across industries and geographies as well as his personal experiences as an investor.

We're driven by the realization that there is a huge void between external business intelligence needs of companies and what is currently on offer. That there is a lot of fear-mongering with terms like data explosion, hidden pattern, big data, data mining, wantonly thrown around. That there are lots of data out there but in silos at best, e.g. macro-economic data, public companies financials, private companies financials, social media analytics, data put out by industry bodies, market research agencies, almost-daily prophecies done by experts and consultants of all hues and what have you. 

That you're no better off with too much of... well, too much.

Enter we. You can call us data-contrarians! To assure and reassure you that you don't have to hanker after every possible data-point, thinking it's now or never to seize and pry it open to unravel nuggets of some eternal wisdom it may be hiding. Because it doesn't. Take it from us, data enthusiasts as we are, it's all right, in fact desirable, to give a miss to a lot of stuff on the way. 

We help you do that- let go of stuff you should not be wasting you time on and preserving carefully what you should be looking at so you can check in when you've the time and inclination without worrying something useful may fly past.

So with panic out of the way, take a look at how we do this by visiting our products and services.