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Asian Financial Crisis- Then and Now

On 20th anniversary of Asian Financial Crisis, we present a special dashboard containing the most relevant macro-economic indicators pertinent to the Asian financial crisis of 1997.

In its default view, the dashboard shows the most important macro-economic indicators of the so-called 'tiger cub economies'- Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. We've carefully chosen macro-economic indicators having bearing upon or impacted by or otherwise relevant to seeing the Asian financial crisis of 1997 in perspective. We let the viewers form their own narrative from the readings of these indicators during the years leading up to the crisis, in its aftermath and today.

External Debt Stock as % of GDP

Total Reserves as % of external debt

Portfolio Investment (Debt) as % of GDP

Foreign Direct Investment as % of GDP

Current Account Balance as % of GDP

GDP per Capita

Exchange Rate

Market Capitalization as % of GDP

No of listed companies