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Asset structure and utilization

This category of graphs deals with asset structure or composition of total assets and their utilization as measured by various turnover ratios.

Asset structure is how much is the proportion of each category of assets- Current Assets, Net Property Plant & Equipment, Intangible Assets, Investments, Other Assets, Loans Advances & Long-term Receivables and Deferred Tax Assets- in the Total Assets of balance sheets of globally-listed companies' financials.

Asset turnover ratio is number of times Total Income is to Total Assets or any other specific category of assets.

Turnover ratios are important measure of how efficiently various assets are used in a business in generating income. They have important bearing on the all-important return on equity (RoE). Other things being equal, higher turnover ratio would translate into higher RoE.

Listed alongside are all the ratios and graphs in this category drawn from balance sheets of listed companies across the globe.