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Custom Plan

We understand one size doesn't fill all. Your business intelligence needs are unique and if our standard plans may not meet all of them, you pick and choose what go into your intelligence palette, how much and how often in our custom plan

Possibilities are endless as are the needs. Below are only a few examples of common customization requirements.

    • Quicker updatation of listed companies financials- In the normal course, average period before our database gets updated with latest quarter's results is six months. But you can choose your peer group and ask us to update faster (within 2 business weeks of results being announced by the company)
    • Segment reporting data and management commentary from listed companies- More often than not, company-level financial statements are aggregation of more than one business units or segments and hence may not be suitable to compare against your business.
We can provide breakdown  of overall financials into individual business segments' based on companies' published statements. 

In addition, commentary by various managements can give you good rounded view of your counterparts' perspectives of the industry.

      • Input price tracking- If you would like a closer tab over your input costs, we can build them into your dashboard
      • Finished product price tracking- Track price of finished products from a variety of sources like e-commerce sites, market places, competition's website and have them streamed to your dashboard
      • Upstream or downstream products price tracking- If yours is a B2B product, your business may be impacted by conditions prevailing in the end-product market.
      • Price Index- You may have thousands of inputs going into your portfolio of finished products and it's neither necessary nor efficient for you to keep monitoring them individually on a regular basis. We can create a value-weighted input price index with a chosen base period.
      • Exception reporting- What if you get a flash in your dashboard only when your input prices during any period- week, month- inches up by a pre-defined percentage or have the impact of affecting your margin by a specified percentage.
      • Human resource intelligence- See the hiring trends for skillsets critical to your business, get a view of your competition from their job postings etc
      • Product reviews and rating- Monitor what your customers are saying about your or your competition's products. 
      • Social media- Monitor your own, competition's and/or industry's social media statistics
      • Internal data- Incorporate data you have internally about your own business, industry/ competition to get unified view from both our and your data
      • Private companies financials- See financials of private or closely-held companies whose financials are not widely available
      • News and Views from the web- There are news and views scattered across time and space. Some are worth etching into your reckoning while others are me-too estimates at best and misleading projections at worst. How do you say the chaff from the grain? First step is to have them all in one place and have the right context to see them in.
    This is exactly what we can do you by making all the news and views manageable by keeping close tab over them and structuring them into a manageable database so you see a consolidated view, see related data-points as time series.


    Depending upon the requirements we'll work out a pricing for you which will consist of two components- upfront and monthly/ annual. 

    Our quotation will take into account number of data sources we need to tap to get the required intelligence, volume of data, frequency of updatation, third-party charges (e.g. for social analytics, private companies in some cases), data transformation, loading and integration efforts etc.

    Having said, you can rest assured that you're getting the best intelligent possible and at a fraction of cost you would incur if you did the job yourself or if you engaged a consultant or from another similar service provider (perhaps you will not find one).