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Ratios and analyses of profitability of listed companies

"I profit, therefore I am". Philosopher Rene Descrates may not be very displeased with such an utterance by a business entity as a take on his "I think therefore I am".

In the world of business however, it's not enough to just profit but important to earn sufficient profit. How much is sufficient is a function of many variables like cost of capital, risk perception in the business etc.

We've lined up an wide array of incisive analysis and ratios of the profitability and return earned by more than 36,000 companies listed across 80 countries (and counting).

They're all highly original and we're sure rarely if at all, would you find them elsewhere. For example, you may have heard of the term 'completely knocked down' in the context of automobile or furniture but how often have you seen return on equity broken down into pieces so you can see how much of it comes from return on assets, impact of financial leverage, benefit from non-interest bearing liabilities etc, that's too for any sector(s), industry(ies) or country(ies) of your choosing. You can also see further break-down of return on assets into its own components.