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Currently we're hiring for the following open positions.

Position: Data Analyst

Location: Bangalore, India

Description: We'll keep this brief. We need a rock-star Excel aficionado who can handle entire gamut of data-handling tasks (ETL). Our data need is insatiable and your passion for spreadsheet will be well-indulged! Hence, if you can forget the world for Excel, come on in, you'll find your world with us.

Skills: Great Excel skills. Should score at least 8 out of 10. Macros not a must.

Age, Qualification, Experience: As long as you have passion for Excel and working with data, everything else is trivial. We mean it.

A bit of context: Founded by another Excel and Data freak, we're an analytics company providing our clients with high-quality, relevant and mission-specific external business intelligence.

We're growing our database at a breakneck pace in order to live upto our promise of meeting all business intelligence needs in one single dashboard.

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How to apply: Mail us your resume at